Tajín Chico is a restaurant where you cand find a mix of singular taste and natural beauty, it keeps the traditional charm of the mexican taste. Our gastronomy is influenced by the Totonacapan region where any kind of person will feel amazing to enjoy the main ingredient which is corn and the taste we provide with our service.

The base of the totonaca food is the corn, main ingredient from the prehispanic cultures which is mix with earth products such as pumpkins, black beans, pipian, edible leafs of quelite, malago, izote flower, aromatic herbs and a variety of chili. This created the typical food that we enjoy nowaday.

Our restaurant is a quiet, tropical and natural venue where you cand relay on the charm of a nice surrounding and filled with the joy that El Tajín provides. Also, we are just steps away from the archaeological area of El Tajín.